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Undeclared Engineering Technology Option


Students interested in the fields of engineering technology or packaging science but undecided about selecting a specific major should consider the undeclared engineering technology option. Students spend up to one year exploring these majors while earning course credit that can be applied to any of the programs.


Plan of study

During the first semester, students complete basic technical skills courses in the electrical and mechanical disciplines. They also participate in Undeclared Engineering Technology Seminar (ENGT-110), a course that explores the unique characteristics of each engineering technology discipline. After the first semester, students are expected to select a major or begin focusing their studies on a particular discipline (e.g.: civil, computer, electrical, electrical mechanical, environmental management and safety, mechanical, manufacturing, or packaging science). Students in the undeclared option will take courses at different times than the students who declared their major in their first year. However, in most cases, students will begin their third year on track with other students in their major.

Typical Course Sequence, Undeclared Engineering Technology Option

Typical Course Sequence, Undeclared Engineering Technology Option

CourseSem. Cr. Hrs.
Fall Semester
ENGT-110Undeclared Engineering Technology Seminar1
EEET-111DC Circuits3
EEET-112DC Circuits Lab1
MCET-101Fundamentals of Engineering3
MFET-105Machine Tools Lab1
 LAS Foundation 2: First Year Writing3
 LAS Perspective3
 Year One: College Experience0
 Wellness Education*0
Spring Semester
Choose two courses from the following majors: 
    Electrical Engineering Technology 
    Mechanical Engineering Technology 
    Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology 
    Computer Engineering Technology 
    Civil Engineering Technology 
    Environmental Sustainability, Health and Safety 
    Packaging Science 
 LAS Perspectives3
Choose one of the following: 4
   MATH 171   Calculus A 
    Math Sequence 
PHYS-111LAS: College Physics I4
Total Semester Credit Hours32

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