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Computer Purchase Recommendation

Personal computers for MMETPS student use while attending RIT
Personal computers are not required by RIT for course work as all assignments and projects can be completed using the computer labs provided by the university. However, most students find having a computer while attending RIT beneficial for academic and personal use. RIT's Information & Technology Services provides the following buying guidelines:

Recommended Manufacturers (not an exhaustive list):

  • Apple
  • Dell
  • HP

Operating System:
Windows 7

Hardware Recommendations:
Processor: At least Intel Core 2 Duo –OR– At least AMD Phenom 2 RAM: At least 2 GB, 4 GB or more recommended. Hard Drive: At least 250 GB, larger recommended.

Graphics Card:
At Least 256 MB Memory, 512 MB or higher recommended. If possible, use the SolidWorks System/Graphics Card Requirements matrix to find recommended graphics when configuring a new PC.

Laptop screen size:
At least 15 inches, 17 inches recommended.

Additional information:
Almost all manufacturers have educational discounts ranging from 5% - 10% off. The manufacturer website will have an education section in the online store.

All Apple computers shipped since 2006 are manufactured with Intel hardware and can run Windows 100% natively. They are like every other PC on the market and can be used for the course work in MMET/PS.

Software Recommendations:
Microsoft Office (2007 & 2010): Word, Excel, and PowerPoint An Academic priced version Microsoft Office can be purchased at the RIT Digital Den and other online retailers.
RIT Digital Den
Microsoft Student Office 2010 direct sales

The Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance(MSDNAA) agreement with Microsoft provides the following operating systems and software packages to the students of MMET/PS:
Windows XP Professional, Windows Vista Business, Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft Visual Studio (2007 & 2010), Microsoft Visio (2007 & 2010), and Microsoft Project (2007 & 2010). Students can access the using a RIT Computer Account to authenticate.
CAST School of Engineering Technology - MSDNAA

SolidWorks 2011-2012 Student Design Kit can be downloaded online for free.
The VAR SDK-ID required is provided by the course instructors.

Autodesk software is available to students using RIT e-mail addresses to register for an account at

All students in the MMET/PS department are provided with private network storage for saving files related to course work. The file share can be accessed at \\\Students$\<username> Instructions to map a network drive:

If you need to access the share off campus you will need to use the RIT VPN client:

Academic Program specific software
Some software specific to an academic program is availabel for students to use on personal computers. These software packages can be downloaded in the Design Lab (GOL-1320). When logged in to a lab PC the software can be located in Course Materials (Q:) Software.