Recent Scholarly Works

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Listed below are just a few of the College of Applied Science & Technology's recent scholarly works by our world-class faculty. Visit the Scholarly Works section on the college’s departmental websites for more!


Michael Parthum, Program Chair Electrical/Mechanical Engineering Technology

Patent "Stress Mitigation of Thin Films and MEMS devices" Patent # 11/061,429

Books & Manuscripts

Daniel Goodwin, Ph.D. Professor, Program Chair Packaging Science

Protective Packaging for Distribution. Lancaster, PA: DEStech Publications, 2010. Print

Changfeng Ge, Ph.D. Associate Professor

Package Structural & Mechanism Design with SolidWorks 2010. USA: SDC publications, 2010. Print

Papers, Presentations and Articles

Betsy Dell,  Assistant Professor

"EMPOWER: Engineering Technology Mentoring and Professional Skills Workshops for Enhanced Retention." National Conference for College Women Student Leaders. American Association of University Women. University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. 4 June 2010. Lecture.

John-Paul Hatala, Ph.D.,  Assistant Professor

"Linking Social Capital to Student Success." Association of Career and Technical Educators. na, Las Vegas, Nevada. 12 March 2010. Conference Presentation.

Robert Garrick, Ph.D., PE,  Associate Professor 
 "UFAST - Practical Advice for Accelerating New Faculty Scholarship." 2010 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition. American Society for Engineering Education. Louisville, KY. 20 June 2010. Conference Presentation.

Grants & Contract Application

Antonio Mondragon, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

6/25/2010 - 8/11/2010 "Invited Research Investigator Summer 2010." CINVESTAV Amount: $5000

John-Paul Hatala, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

11/13/2010 - 10/13/2011 "Leveraging Practice Firms for Employee and Employer Alignment".  RIT - CAST SIG Award    Amount: $2500

Jennifer Schneider, Sc.D.,CIH Professor

4/1/2010 - 4/1/2012  "Monroe UASI Critical Infrastructure Analysis Project."  DHS  Amount $148,795