Department of Manufacturing & Mechanical Engineering Technology / Packaging Science



This course takes the place of a Master's thesis.  Students will arrange with their advisor and the Internship Coordinator an appropriate setting for the internship, negotiate any arrangements necessary for on-site supervision, and develop a written proposal.  Students will be expected to do complete all assignments required in the online course including proposal development.


To provide:

  1. Relevant Human Resource professional experience for those students who lack such experience.
  2. Professional experience in a different setting for those students who have limited experience.
  3. Professional evaluation of student's work which he/she may use as a reference.
  4. An opportunity for students to use classroom theories and concepts in a structured work environment.


The content of the course will vary as student's interests and placements vary. The on-the-job internship, however, should be a meaningful experience for the student's future goals.  It is one which will strengthen and reinforce information learned in the classroom. 


  1. Students will be expected to perform at a level of professional expertise consistent with their previous experience and education.  This performance will be evaluated by an on-site supervisor.   
  2. Students will participate in the online course and complete assignments required that will enable them to take a more objective look at the internship experience. 
  3. Students are encouraged to keep a record of their experiences as they occur to better prepare for the online assignments.
  4. The assignments due will be done in a scholarly manner utilizing library materials to reinforce work experiences.