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Service Systems

Sara Vara

Human Resources Development MS

"As an HR professional for over eight years in a corporate HR environment for a Fortune 500 company, I have found that the MS in HRD program at RIT proved to be very useful and effective in complementing my undergraduate degree in the HR field. Participating in this program has added a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to my current career. I was in search of a comprehensive HR degree program where I would gain the knowledge and skills necessary to move into upper HR leadership positions." "I have been able to immediately apply the HR projects and tools that we have created in the robust classes, and my employer has very much appreciated my sharing and implementing these tools within the workplace. I chose the RIT program based on the focus and vast array of strategic HR coursework, knowledgeable professors who encourage you to succeed, and the extreme flexibility of the challenging online classes. One doesn't need to live in Rochester to experience the tremendous benefits of this degree program; you can do so from anywhere in the world. I enjoyed "meeting," learning from and collaborating with students that work in other HR departments across the globe and found this to be the best learning opportunity provided by the program. Taking one-to-two classes a quarter has enabled me to still focus on my career, while allowing me to maintain a manageable work/life balance. I highly recommend he MS in HRD program at RIT for any HR professional who wishes to hone their skills in an innovative, caring community of learners!"

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