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Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

SMPTE is a professional membership association of technical geniuses. READ MORE
Photoville provides RIT students, alumni and faculty a chance to get involved in an inspiring environment. READ MORE
Through providing creative expertise, RIT's School of Design is bringing attention to issues. READ MORE
Furniture design chair Andy Buck's masterful wood-figure carvings provide a stimulating element to a poetry book. READ MORE
Ripple is a web-based platform aimed at making it easier for freelancers to find consistent work. READ MORE
Mark Williams and Sara Hirakawa, alumni of RIT's photo school, photographed WNBA MVP Nneka Ogwumike. READ MORE

A User Study of Story Presence in an Immersive Narrative Experience Tested with Variant Levels of Immersion

By: Anna Dining

Immersive narratives experienced in Head Mounted Displays (HMD’s), whether involving real environments or computer generated, allow the...