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Arts, Design, & Photography

Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.


By: Michael Migliorini

Slumped Glass, Found Objects, Metal

Sports Fashion

By: Carol Lee

A fashion editorial inspired by European sports.


By: Jieting Chen

Animations or animatic I made during these years.

Investigation of the Academy's Image Interchange Framework at RIT

By: Chris Clark

Students of the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Film and Animation produce hundreds of films each...

Stereo Capture and Display System

By: Allison Hettinger, Ian Krassner

Stereoscopic 3D motion pictures have recently risen to popularity once again following the success of films such...

Video Capture Shoot-Out

By: Motion Picture Science Junior Class

In the Motion Picture Science program at RIT, students learn the ins and outs of comparing different...


By: Yuya Takeda

As a class project, we went and took photographs of objects based on things we hear. We presented...

2D and 3D Demo Reels

By: Raymond Mccarthy Bergeron

Some of my Demo Reels showcasing recent 2D and 3D works.


By: Meghdad Asadilari

2D Animation - Movie Title

Animation Demo Reel - May 2011

By: Meghdad Asadilari

My 2D/3D Animation Demo Reel


By: Jieting Chen

Character designs, background or layout for the animation.

HvZ: Extraction Trailer

By: Gabriel M. Isserlis

Trailer for HvZ: Extraction. a movie i made 2nd year for fun, no credit, and for the Humans...

Myth of the Snow Cone

By: Sean Malony

How snow cones were made.

Finger Lakes Beekepers -In Progress

By: Samuel Levine

I have developed a relationship with many bee keepers in the Finger Lakes Region. I plan on continuing...

Restaurant Group Book Project

By: Katie Thompson

For my Elements of PJ class. Top is VM Giordano Imports, Bottom is The Old Toad.

Single Images

By: Chris Langer

A collection of single images from my portfolio.

PA High School Rodeo Bull Riding

By: Jonathan Foster

This is the beginning of an ongoing project with high school bull riders.

Great Lake Surfing Multimedia

By: Theophil Syslo

During the winter, Seabreeze residents (an area near Rochester, NY) can spot a group of individuals braving...

Dream Catcher- Cyanotype

By: Kristin Pelc-pacheco

Cyanotype submered in tea for Historical Processes.


By: Ben Lubin

Architecture Photography using HDR

Nature Macro Photography

By: Adam Goldman

Various macro photographs taken for a nature photography elective.

Snack Time Just Got A Whole Lot More Fun

By: Kristin Pelc-pacheco

High Speed image captured of a bullet going through some yogurt! So messy.


By: Liz Marchiondo

Snowflakes and snow crystals under the microscope.

Biomed Portfolio Singles

By: Yasmeen Smalley

Random photographs from Biomed.