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Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

Getting Back the Lost is an animated graduate thesis film with a total running time of 7 minutes and 13 seconds. The film is about a girl seeking hope in a ruined and destroyed environment. Nowadays, the global environmental problem, which is due to human... READ MORE
Live visual performances are often combined with and serve as enhancement to musical performances. As a result, visual content is informed by, and responds to audio content. How does the situation change if the performance is based around visuals? Can audio accompaniment be performed independently,... READ MORE
Humor in fine art has been considered low-brow. Frequently, “serious” artists have the notion that using humor or humorous materials reduces the validity of the work. Likewise, feminism seems to have similar implications, in that the word is not taken seriously because of stereotyping; straying... READ MORE
‘The Blue Sweater’ is a journey through memories of a place and way of life that no longer exists. Memories that are now fading away and some I have already lost. I travelled back in my memory and gathered all that I remembered of... READ MORE
Mist is an abstract, animated graduate thesis film with a duration of five minutes. It is an extremely personal film, which is inspired by my childhood memories and Chinese culture. It is a reflection of my own life, which just like the fluid ink in... READ MORE
“Full Measures” is a 3D Animated Short Film about a pianist’s struggle writing the music he desires before his deadline. With musical creatures taunting him, will he defeat his nightmares in time? “Full Measures” has two meanings, it’s literally definition is “to perform a task as... READ MORE
“Fat Boy Can’t Fly” is a 3 minutes 52 seconds long animated graduate thesis film. It tells an inspiring story about how a boy whose particular flaw prevents him from flying his sword to the mountaintop along with the others, but turns his weakness in... READ MORE
John McCathy and Peter Wright, who are technology philosophers while also being engineers, analyzed the technology of today and found that it transcends the mere role of being everyday tools, and claim that technology has such a significant existence that it can influence the... READ MORE
‘The Iroquois Creation Story’ honored in the category of live short subject and animated short READ MORE
by Mindy Mozer  Thomas Temin was a little surprised when he got a call from a radio station in Washington, D.C., ... READ MORE