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Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

Literature and philosophy are the concise expressions of human inner-self. The main idea which all of Existentialists have in common is the fundamental doctrine that existence precedes essence. This idea has its own historical significance for explaining the fact of thinking and action. Why do... READ MORE
This thesis documents the employment of a system of Process and Inquiry as it serves as a structural foundation for an investigation of the manner in which Reality is represented in visual portraiture. Through a vigorous exploration of the concept of Reality and its singular... READ MORE
Today’s ever-changing social life and work life demand frequent and sometimes impromptu interactions & meetings. Arranging a meeting at short notice among people poses innumerable challenges for finalization of a rendezvous and time involving back and forth communication among people involved. A plethora of... READ MORE
More and more people are using digital technology and social media in their daily lives. As a result, it seems like there is a lack of emotional interaction with each other. For example, more people prefer to stay at home and just connect with the... READ MORE
Lunch is one of the indispensable meals to take in a day. Eating lunch energizes our bodies and makes us concentrate more on our work. Nowadays, people always have a hard time enjoying their lunch during weekdays most especially college students and office workers because... READ MORE
My thesis My Father’s Secret is a 20-minute short fiction film. It tells the story of a 17- year-old schoolboy Ying and his single father Hua, who live in a small town in China. Ying’s life is very peaceful until one day he finds out... READ MORE
In recent years, many character designs made for movies and video games have been carried out using complex computer-based processes. User-friendly software has made it easier to produce high computation artwork and multiple texture maps. With higher graphic performance provided by rapidly improving hardware, the continuing... READ MORE
Lighting affects not only the way people seeing things, but also the way they feel. This thesis project surveys people’s health problems and needs related to environmental lighting changes, and aims to explore a product design solution to these problems. The outcomes of the project... READ MORE
Michael Peres co-authored a new textbook on the best practices for photomicrography READ MORE
James Reilly, founder and director of RIT's Image Permanence Institute, retires after four decades READ MORE
“A Zebra in the Infield” is a dark comedy about a young African American man named Rotavious from the inner-city. Rotavious is a recent college graduate and he is venturing into the suburbs to purchase a car. After catching a bus to the predominantly... READ MORE