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Arts, Design, & Photography

Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

Movie Poster

By: Alexandra Atzl

A poster design project for my Typography & Page Design class, Winter 2008-2009.

A Fabricated World

By: Casey Jabbour

Final project for Imaging for New Media. Created using scanned pieces of fabric.


By: Evan Doody

8x8inch stipple drawing made for introduction to drawing class.


By: Michele Difonzo

stone mosaic translation with found objects

Interdisciplinary Music Collaboration

By: Marchelo Vera

Printmaking Intaglio-Type, Graphic Art

African Violets

By: Matthew Holbein

African violets stipple and color rendering.

Advertising Illustration

By: Jieting Chen

Works that made in Advertising Illustration class.


By: Byron Conn

White Oak, Mahogany

Shake Whatcha Got

By: Nicole Formica

The assignment was to design a social software application to be used on a handheld device. Shake...

Agriplan Flash Minisite

By: Danny Gibas

Flash minisite to promote a green technology - in this case, Urban Farming

Serif or Sans

By: Alex Pytlarz

This is a prototype for a website I may build in the future. The concept behind it...

Music Boarding

By: Josh Mateo

This project allows skaters to create their own unique design for their boards by using their music from...

3D Tea Party Scene

By: Devin Caskie

My final project for 3D Form and Space. Created in Cinema 4D R12.


By: Brandon Mercer

This was a recent shoot I did with the incredible Esther Kim. She was so amazing to...

La Lune et Le Coq

By: Raymond Mccarthy Bergeron

A moon and a rooster struggle to get what they want.

Crystal formation

By: Gabrielle Barandiaran

Bio-medical photography summer 2009

POUR - Action Word

By: Aiden Guinnip

2D Design - Denise Heischman Create self-explanatory design for a word of action.


By: Yuya Takeda

Some modeling for high-poly modeling: organic models.

Nevada State Website Redesign

By: Stephanie Mitchell

Take an existing site with existing content and redesign it.

Claude in a Casket

By: Caelin Cacciatore

An ongoing series of the misfortunate life of Claude.


By: Caelin Cacciatore

An animated prototype of a fictional smart phone app that utilizes image recognizing technology to help the...