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Introducing concepts that become tangible, visible works of art: photography, moving images, designs, products, publications, or electronic forms of communication that represent our means of expression as a society.

Current models for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) products encourage frequent product replacement with newer versions that offer only minor incremental improvements. This pattern, named planned obsolescence, diminishes user experience and shortens product lifespan. This paper presents the conceptual basis for a two-part integrated approach... READ MORE
Sustainable design provides benefits across a product’s lifecycle, particularly for end of life. Designers and end users are aware that as much as product lifetime can be extended, no artifact can last forever. But when looking at end of life in human beings, most people... READ MORE
Shorter product lifespan driven by reduced durability and planned obsolescence is causing severe environmental issues and diminishing user experience. Sustainable Design is addressing this problem with strategies that improve a product’s lifecycle and address important areas of impact in manufacturing, use, and end of life.... READ MORE
This paper chronicles the four years that I worked on my thesis film "Learning To Fly," which I screened at the RIT May 2010 screenings. Much of this process included significant obstacles that I was thankfully able to overcome due to the support of... READ MORE
The design process detailed in this thesis addresses how a designer brings a design that is both relevant but dated into the present. Four stages make up the design process: investigation, scattered design, design réseau, and focused design, and the process covers the choice of... READ MORE


By: Yu-chi Chen

I want to investigate the concepts of modern beauty and how it has an influence on people, particularly women in their 20s and 30s in contemporary Korean society. As society changes, the standard of beauty changes and the social expectations for beauty grow. In... READ MORE
This body of work and research is focused upon finding connections between the artist’s personal trajectory, Surrealist ideology, and Feminist texts. Starting with the Surrealist’s ideology of the unconscious, dreams, and use of objects, the artist investigates the eroticism and fetishization of female imagery.... READ MORE