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Advancing today's business environment requires leadership and management attuned to rapid changes in technology and increasingly vigorous global competition.

A brief overview of the origins of modern accounting are examined with it’s genesis in the Italian Renaissance. During this time period, trade and commerce expanded and new methods for tracking and recording transactions became necessary. Double entry bookkeeping was first documented by Luca... READ MORE
This paper deals with measuring the three quality dimensions (quality of design, quality of conformance and quality of performance) in higher education. The proposed framework discussed in this paper builds on the model developed by Mergen et al. (2000, Total Quality Management, 11, pp. 345-352).... READ MORE
Today, computer software skills are a fundamental requirement for every businessperson. It is difficult to imagine how an individual could even survive in the current business atmosphere without the ability to use basic computer applications. Thus, the instruction of theses skills has become an important... READ MORE
A description of acceptance charts, which use subgroup averages, was published by Freund in 1957 (Industrial Quality Control 1957; (October); 13-23). The purpose of these charts is to evaluate a process in terms of whether or not it could be expected to satisfy product tolerances.... READ MORE
Big business is dumping billions of dollars into the online social networking phenomenon without understanding its true value. A recent study of an extended online network of two RIT professors revealed the way in which users derive value from their social computing activity. They explore... READ MORE
The objective of this paper is to discuss and clarify the meaning and use the different statistical limits used in managing processes so the mistakes that are commonly seen in industrial practice can be avoided. The difference between "control" and "acceptance" will also be discuss.... READ MORE