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Advancing today's business environment requires leadership and management attuned to rapid changes in technology and increasingly vigorous global competition.

Retail e-commerce continues to grow as an important channel of distribution in the global business environment. Annual U.S. e-tail sales revenue growth of 22.2 percent between 2004 and 2005 strongly outpaced the total retail sales growth of 6.3 percent during the same period (U.S. Census... READ MORE
Much research and debate exists about the effectiveness of simulations as a learning and assessment tool. The questions that are typically raised are: “How effective is a simulation as a pedagogical tool?” and “How do we know that students have really learned something from the... READ MORE
In this paper we propose an alternative method to the Durbin-Watson(DW) test for the fitness of a regression model (see, for example, Makridakis [5, pp. 267-258; 303-304; 630-631] and Wilson & Keating [8, pp. 182-184; 234-236] for DW statistic). The proposed method tests whether the... READ MORE
The concept of materiality has received a lot of attention in recent years as high profile accounting scandals have plagued financial reporting. Auditing Standards from the PCAOB and the AICPA require that early in an audit engagement the auditor establish a preliminary level of materiality.... READ MORE
Individuals in organizations experience stress as a result of their use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This is termed as technostress. Individual characteristics form an important set of factors that influence technostress, and understanding them is important for developing organizational mechanisms for effecting appropriate... READ MORE