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The edge betweenness centrality of an edge is defined as the ratio of shortest paths between all pairs of vertices passing through that edge. A graph is said to have k-uniform edge betweenness centrality, if there are k different edge betweenness centrality values. In this... READ MORE
A non-invasive technique for real-time continuous monitoring of blood glucose has been under development by Venkatarman’s research group in the ETA lab at RIT [16]-[18]. The methodology involves placing an antenna on the arm and monitoring changes in the resonant frequency, which is... READ MORE
Encryption is the process of altering information to make it unreadable by anyone except those having the key that allows them to change information back to the original readable form. Encryption is important because it allows you to securely protect the data that you don’t... READ MORE
In today’s world, more and more functionalities in the form of IP cores are integrated into a single chip or SOC. System-level verification of such large SOCs has become complex. The modern trend is to provide pre-designed IP cores with companion Verification IP. These Verification... READ MORE