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Design of Experiments (DOE) is a very powerful statistical methodology, especially when used with linear regression analysis. The use of ordinary least squares (OLS) estimation of linear regression parameters requires the errors to have a normal distribution. However, there are numerous situations when the error... READ MORE
The increasing power consumption of the Internet infrastructure has attracted a lot of world-wide attention because of the severe impact on the environment. Many research works have started to search for solutions of how to reduce the energy consumption in data networks. Other works... READ MORE
As Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses increase in prevalence, there is a growing need for assistive devices to help meet the communication needs of each person and their own unique set of challenges. Autism is a neurological disorder which most prominently impacts communication and social... READ MORE
Hierarchical Temporal memory is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm. Inspired by the structural and functional properties of the human brain, it is capable of processing spatio-temporal signals which are used for data storage and predictions. The algorithm is composed of two main components; the... READ MORE
Frequently transported packaging goods are more prone to damage due to impact, jolting or vibration in transit. Fragile goods, for example, glass, ceramics, porcelain are susceptible to mechanical stresses. Hence ancillary materials like cushions play an important role when utilized within package. In this... READ MORE