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Logistic regression is a valuable statistical tool used to model the probability of a binary response variable as a function of one or more input variables. The goal of this thesis research is to develop a better understanding of how the coefficients of a logistic... READ MORE
Space borne thermal infrared sensors have been extensively used for environmental research as well as cross-calibration of other thermal sensing systems. Thermal infrared data from satellites such as Landsat and Terra/MODIS have limited temporal resolution (with a repeat cycle of 1 to 2 days for... READ MORE
Surface temperature is an important Earth system data record that is useful to fields such as change detection, climate research, environmental monitoring, and many smaller scale applications like agriculture. Earth-observing satellites can be used to derive this metric, with the goal that a global... READ MORE
Reinforced Concrete (RC) is an important material in civil construction projects, and rigorous standards exist for rating the structural, wind, vibration, and cyclic design loads. In narrower applications, such as the design of protective saferooms, RC is also designed to bear impact loads which... READ MORE
Liquid State Machine (LSM) is an adaptive neural computational model with rich dynamics to process spatio-temporal inputs. These machines are extremely fast in learning because the goal-oriented training is moved to the output layer, unlike conventional recurrent neural networks. The capability to multiplex at the... READ MORE
Timing synchronization plays an important role in recovering the original transmitted signal in telecommunication systems. In order to have a communication system that operates at the correct time and in the correct order, it is necessary to synchronize to the transmitter’s symbol timing. Synchronization... READ MORE
The efficient cooling of servers in data center offers a unique challenge to reduce the worldwide energy consumption and liquid inventory of working fluid. Presently, single phase cooling techniques are widely used for CPU cooling in data centers. Such techniques are proving to be... READ MORE
Music is a means of reflecting and expressing emotion. Personal preferences in music vary between individuals, influenced by situational and environmental factors. Inspired by attempts to develop alternative feature extraction methods for audio signals, this research analyzes the use of deep network structures... READ MORE
The ability to dynamically discover portions of unused radio spectrum (spectrum holes) is an important ability of cognitive radio systems. Spectrum holes present a potential opportunity for wireless communication. Detection of holes and signals allows cognitive radios to dynamically access and share the spectrum with... READ MORE
Motor fluctuations are a major focus of clinical managements in patients with mid-stage and advance Parkinson's disease (PD). In this thesis, an automated algorithm is developed to identify those fluctuations (i.e., medication OFF and ON) using wearable sensors while PD patients are engaging in... READ MORE
Research into components needed to utilize the THz region of the electromagnetic spectrum has recently gained more attention due to advances in semiconductor technology and materials science. These advances have led to the desire of create CMOS focal plane arrays (FPA) for THz imaging... READ MORE
Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of heterogeneous developmental disabilities that manifest in early childhood. Currently, ASD is primarily diagnosed by assessing the behavioral and intellectual abilities of a child. This behavioral diagnosis can be subjective, time consuming, inconclusive, does not provide insight... READ MORE
The Verification methodology of modern processor designs is an enormous challenge. As processor design complexity increases, an elaborate and sophisticated verification environment has to be employed to identify, assist in debug, and document design bugs. This paper presents a configurable verification environment for RISC processors.... READ MORE
This thesis studies upper jaw protrusion in carassius auratus (goldfish), a type of Cypriniformes. The presence of a unique sesamoid bone called kinethmoid, suspended by a network of ligaments, allows for more flexibility and longer periods of sustained suction flow speeds in Cypriniformes. Previous... READ MORE
Estimating the perceived quality of printed patterns is a complex task as quality is subjective. A study was conducted to evaluate how accurately a machine learning method can predict human judgment about printed pattern quality. The project was executed in two phases: a subjective test... READ MORE
Image segmentation is a process used in computer vision to partition an image into regions with similar characteristics. One category of image segmentation algorithms is graph-based, where pixels in an image are represented by vertices in a graph and the similarity between pixels is... READ MORE
Computing systems have become increasingly heterogeneous contributing to higher performance and power efficiency. However, this is at the cost of increasing the overall complexity of designing such systems. One key challenge in the design of heterogeneous systems is the efficient scheduling of computational load. To... READ MORE
As supply voltages continue to decrease, it becomes harder to ensure that the voltage drop across a diode-connected BJT is sufficient to conduct current without sacrificing die area. One such solution to this potential problem is the diode-connected MOSFET operating in weak inversion. In... READ MORE
One of the fundamental problems of portfolio theory is how to rationally optimize the portfolio using diversification. In practice, maximizing the short term interest is not equivalent to maximizing the long term interest. Kelly’s criterion is considered to be the best strategy of maximizing profit... READ MORE
While Western countries typically run census surveys frequently, poorer countries such as Haiti do not have the money to do so; thus research into how Haitians live is severely lacking. Furthermore, studies that do exist tend to be not only old and outdated, but also... READ MORE