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As the contribution of renewable energy to the current power grid is becoming an essential part of the global energy system, it is of critical importance to study the effects of this increased penetration of the renewable sources on the power system. Focusing on... READ MORE
The basic idea of this thesis is to provide a simple, easy to use and cost-effective eye-diagram analysis kit for educational lab environment. Mostly eye-diagram analysis is done on high-end oscilloscopes or with LabView as a source-code; this research uses Flashy board (Pluto 3... READ MORE
CMOS/Memristor integrated architectures have shown to be powerful for realizing energy-efficient learning machines. These architectures are recently demonstrated in reservoir computing networks, which have reduced training complexity and resource utilization. In reservoir computing, the training time is curtailed due to random weight initialization in... READ MORE
Machining is always accompanied by many difficulties like tool wear, tool breakage, improper machining conditions, non-uniform workpiece properties and some other irregularities, which are some of major barriers to highly-automated operations. Effective tool condition monitoring (TCM) system provides a best solution to monitor those... READ MORE
Research in the wine industry has previously characterized many aspects of the wine making process from soil fertility to the community of microbes in must and wine, but the epiphytic bacterial and fungal communities have not been studied throughout grape development. This project aims... READ MORE