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The Thermal Infrared Sensor (TIRS) of Landsat 8 suffers from a stray light issue, where out of field-of-view (FOV) radiance reflects into the optical system and is recorded by the sensors. This is confirmed to be resulting from a defect in hardware of the third... READ MORE
Supermassive binary black holes (SMBBHs) represent an excellent candidate for future combined gravitational wave and electromagnetic astrophysics, commonly referred to as multimessenger astrophysics. While much is known about the gravitational wave signal of merging BBHs, little is known about the electromagnetic emission. Modeling the... READ MORE
Developments of photovoltaic (PV) devices are driven by increasing needs for economically competitive renewable energy conversion. To improve the efficiency of PV devices for outdoor applications, the concept of intermediate band solar cell (IBSC) has been proposed to boost the conversation efficiency to 63%... READ MORE
Bulk density is an important geophysical property that impacts the mobility of military vehicles and personnel. Accurate retrieval of bulk density from remotely sensed data is, therefore, needed to estimate the mobility on "off-road" terrain. For a particulate surface, the functional form of the... READ MORE
The miniaturization of electronic devices requires advanced thermal management techniques. The two-phase heat transfer process offers more effective and sustainable approach compared to the presently used single-phase cooling techniques. The boiling heat transfer is a two-phase cooling technique, that dissipates a high heat flux... READ MORE
The development of integrated photonics is limited by bulky and inefficient photonic component compared to their electronic counterparts due to weak light-matter interactions. As the key devices that determine the performance of integrated photonic circuits, electro-optical (EO) modulators are inherently built on the basis... READ MORE