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We experimentally demonstrate a 31.2-dB-contrast all-optical AND gate based on a Fabry-Pérot semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA). Typically, cross phase modulation is the dominant nonlinearity as it shifts a FPSOA resonance to trigger the AND-gate functionality. Cross polarization modulation (XPolM) is introduced here to produce a... READ MORE
Continuous improvement in silicon process technologies has made possible the integration of hundreds of cores on a single chip. However, power and heat have become dominant constraints in designing these massive multicore chips causing issues with reliability, timing variations and reduced lifetime of the... READ MORE
Ionic polymer-metal composites (IPMCs) have become an area of interest in the past decade for their unique properties as actuators. Conventional IPMCs require the use of rare earth metals for electrodes making the fabrication of these materials expensive, time consuming to produce, and not... READ MORE
The purpose of this thesis was to introduce a standard method for designing efficient and sustainable packages to the packaging industry. This thesis has focused on how a standardized process has helped to design efficient, cost-effective and sustainable packages in the food industry. The standardized... READ MORE