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As the traditional eutectic SnPb solder alloy has been outlawed, the electronic industry has almost completely transitioned to the lead-free solder alloys. The conventional SAC305 solder alloy used in lead-free electronic assembly has a high melting and processing temperature with a typical peak reflow... READ MORE
Traditional embedded systems such as secure smart cards and nano-sensor networks have been utilized in various usage models. Nevertheless, emerging secure deeply-embedded systems, e.g., implantable and wearable medical devices, have comparably larger “attack surface”. Specifically, with respect to medical devices, a security breach can... READ MORE
Vehicle tracking from an aerial platform poses a number of unique challenges including the small number of pixels representing a vehicle, large camera motion, and parallax error. For these reasons, it is accepted to be a more challenging task than traditional object tracking and... READ MORE
The performance of Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide (IGZO) Thin-Film Transistors (TFTs) has improved significantly in recent years; however, device stability still remains a significant issue. In bottom-gate TFTs a difficult challenge is the lack of gate control on the back-channel region, resulting in distortion in... READ MORE