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3D Printing technologies have been around for the better part of 30 years now, and researchers today have a reasonably good understanding of how the different processes work. A focus for the next era of 3D printing will likely be to gain a deeper... READ MORE
Traditional photoplethysmography (PPG) - the extraction of cardiovascular information through its modulation of light intensity- requires a device to be attached to the patient. Video PPG (vPPG) seeks to remove this requirement by observing the variations in the skin tone measurements by a webcam. While... READ MORE
This work provides a detailed theoretical and numerical study of the inverse problem of identifying flexural rigidity in Kirchhoff plate models. From a mathematical standpoint, this inverse problem requires estimating a variable coefficient in a fourth-order boundary value problem.This inverse problem and related estimation problems... READ MORE
We have undertaken an ambitious program to visually classify all galaxies in the five CANDELS fields down to H 70% across the full magnitude range) and depends on both the galaxy magnitude and the galaxy type, with disks showing the highest level of agreement (>50%)... READ MORE
Impact of Upgrading Equipment for Strength of Materials Labs on Student Perceptions, Motivation, and LearningAbstractAn important component of teaching introductory Strength of Materials (Mechanics ofMaterials) concepts to undergraduate engineering and technology students is the inclusion oflaboratory experiments, which give the students the opportunity to... READ MORE
The objective of this short note is to employ an equation error approach to identify a variable parameter in fourth-order partial differential equations. Existence and convergence results are given for the optimization problem emerging from the equation error formulation. Finite element based numerical experiments show... READ MORE
Multi-armed bandit problem is an important optimization game that requires an exploration-exploitation tradeoff to achieve optimal total reward. Motivated from industrial applications such as online advertising and clinical research, we consider a setting where the rewards of bandit machines are associated with covariates, and the... READ MORE
Tweedie's Compound Poisson model is a popular method to model data with probability mass at zero and non-negative, highly right-skewed distribution. Motivated by wide applications of the Tweedie model in various fields such as actuarial science, we investigate the grouped elastic net method for the... READ MORE
Zeolites/molecular sieves with uniform, molecular-sized pores are important for many adsorption-based separation processes. Pore size gaps, however, exist in the current zeolite family. This leads to a great challenge of separating molecules with size differences at ~0.01 nm level. Here, we report a novel concept, pore... READ MORE