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In this work, we consider stochastic variational inequalities arising from a certain class of equilibrium problems with uncertainties. Uncertainties in the models are introduced through data that are known through their probabilistic distributions. We consider several extragradient methods for the solutions of the variational inequalities... READ MORE
The giant Salmonella enterica phage SPN3US belongs to the ϕKZ-related phages which are amongst the most complex virions of prokaryotic viruses, even more complex than most eukaryotic viruses. SPN3US for example assigns 46% of its 240kbp genome to code for virion proteins. We have... READ MORE
Presented is an Online Novelty Detection System (ONDS) that uses Gaussian Mixture Models (GMMs) and one-class classification techniques to identify novel information from multivariate times-series data. Multiple data preprocessing methods are explored and features vectors formed from frequency components obtained by the Fast Fourier... READ MORE
Inverse problems of parameter identification and source identification in partial differential equations are highly ill-posed problems and for their satisfactory theoretical and numerical treatment some sort of regularization is necessary. In this thesis, we pose this inverse problem as an optimization problem and perform the... READ MORE
Stormwater retention ponds are typically constructed to manage stormwater in commercial and residential areas, thereby reducing flooding and erosion and improving downstream water quality. Although auxiliary ecosystem services of stormwater ponds are less often recognized, these small aquatic ecosystems may also serve as habitat... READ MORE
The purpose of this study is to design, fabricate and test a CMOS compatible 3-axis Hall effect sensor capable of detecting the earth’s magnetic field, with strength’s of ~50 μT. Preliminary testing of N-well Van Der Pauw structures using strong neodymium magnets showed proof of... READ MORE
Neuromemristive systems (NMSs) are brain-inspired, adaptive computer architectures based on emerging resistive memory technology (memristors). NMSs adopt a mixed-signal design approach with closely-coupled memory and processing, resulting in high area and energy efficiencies. Previous work suggests that NMSs could even supplant conventional architectures in... READ MORE
Poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate) (PEN) was treated with ozone in the absence of radiation and the results were compared with ultraviolet (UV) photooxidation using 253·7 and 184·9 nm radiations. The surface modification of the top 2–5 nm was analyzed by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) for chemical changes.... READ MORE
Template-based chemical vapor deposition (TB-CVD) is a versatile technique for manufacturing carbon nanotubes (CNTs) or CNT-based devices for various applications. In this process, carbon is deposited by thermal decomposition of a carbon-based precursor gas inside the nanoscopic cylindrical pores of anodized aluminum oxide (AAO)... READ MORE