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Planetary nebulae (PNe) represent the late stages of low-mass stellar evolution. The formation of the myriad of PNe morphologies involves processes that are present in many other astrophysical systems such as the wind-blown bubbles of massive stars. In this dissertation we present the result... READ MORE
In the past several decades there has been increasing research into factors that may affect the birth sex ratio of parents. These can range from nutrition to hormone levels to psychological factors. The National Health and Nutritional Examination Survey (NHANES) is a broadly encompassing governmental... READ MORE
Green walls or living walls are architectural installations comprised of plants growing in soil filled, modular panels that are attached to interior or exterior walls. The objective of this study is to explore the effectiveness of using green walls to pretreat wastewater generated by small... READ MORE
A common flexible packaging laminate is comprised of five constructs in sequence: printing layer, adhesive, barrier layer, adhesive, and sealing layer. Aluminum foil and metallized polymer films are commonly used gas barrier layers in flexible packaging, but their true environmental impacts are not well-represented. This... READ MORE
In this work we demonstrate two separate forms of augmented reality environments for use with minimally-invasive surgical techniques. In Chapter 2 it is demonstrated how a video feed from a webcam, which could mimic a laparoscopic or endoscopic camera used during an interventional procedure, can... READ MORE
The characterization of the material properties of Single Molecule Magnets (SMMs) has grown in importance over the last few decades with the rise of novel applications such as high-density magnetic storage and quantum computation. Many of the applications require the probing of SMMs with... READ MORE
The enhancement of natural convection heat transfer using nanofluids from horizontal square cylinder placed in a square enclosure is investigated numerically. Water-based Cu is used as the working nanofluid. The investigation covered a range of Rayleigh numbers of 104 - 106, nanoparticles volume fraction of... READ MORE
The mathematical structure imposed by the thermodynamic critical point motivates an approximant that synthesizes two theoretically sound equations of state: the parametric and the virial. The former is constructed to describe the critical region, incorporating all scaling laws; the latter is an expansion about zero... READ MORE