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The Visual imaging correlation-2D is an innovative software application that can be used for strain measurement of different packaging materials. In recent years, Vic-2D has been increasingly utilized in packaging industry. It is able to break through certain technical limitations of traditional strain testing method... READ MORE
The development of proactive methods for the evaluation, selection, standardization, and rationalization of capital equipment and services used in the medical device industry will benefit equipment/process interchangeability and will result in lower costs of goods (COG). Reduced exposures to legal and regulatory issues are also... READ MORE
The objective of this study was to determine the reasons for moisture ingress in ready to drink mixes. The containers for this product were supposed to be moisture resistant. However, after a certain period it was observed that the product inside was prone to caking... READ MORE
The following document will explore product and information integration by demonstrating the potential economic, strategic, and technical benefits attainable in the Engineering Change Order/Preliminary Change Order function. Information is the foundation of today's corporate enterprise. An organization's success can depend on how effectively it identifies,... READ MORE
The logistic normal distribution has recently been adapted via the transformation of multivariate Gaussian variables to model the topical distribution of documents in the presence of correlations among topics. In this paper, we propose a probit normal alternative approach to modelling correlated topical structures.... READ MORE
Food can be preserved by irradiation which is the exposure of food to ionising radiation, high energy electron from electron beams or X-rays or gamma rays from Cobalt-60 or Cesium-137 radioisotopes. Irradiation does not leave a residue in the food and it does not... READ MORE
Waxed solid bleached sulfate paperboard and polyethylene coated paperboard were compared for the purpose of containing frozen fish sticks. The main emphasis focused on the safety of the board in regards to the migration of particles from either the wax or the polyethylene. The results... READ MORE