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We investigate the dynamics of the human multilayer tear film, subject to a reservoir of lipid at the lids. A numerical method is constructed to solve a one-dimensional tear film model, derived using lubrication theory. Three choices for the open eye boundary conditions are explored... READ MORE
As semiconductor technologies continues to scale, more and more cores are being integrated on the same multicore chip. This increase in complexity poses the challenge of efficient data transfer between these cores. Several on-chip network architectures are proposed to improve the design flexibility and... READ MORE
The genus Ctenosaura (spiny-tailed iguanas) represents the most diverse group of iguanas with 18 currently recognized species. Ctenosaura similis has the most widespread ranges of all the Ctenosaura species, and extends from southern Mexico to Panama including many coastal islands. The purpose of this... READ MORE
Passing messages to soldiers on the battle field, conducting online banking, and downloading files on the internet are very different applications that all share one thing in common, concerns over security of the data being processed. Data security depends on the cryptographic systems that... READ MORE
Throughout history, Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) has killed more people than any other infectious agent, while Mycobacterium leprae is an ancient human pathogen that still causes disease today. Each has developed drug resistance, thus the discovery of potential novel antibiotic targets is essential. The diadenosine... READ MORE
Wireless measurement systems combining current advanced information collection, processing and wireless communication technology, have been applied to information measurement in special occasions. As a short range wireless communication technology, bluetooth is low cost, stable, and low power. Bluetooth technology is used in monitoring and wireless... READ MORE
Incorporating renewable monomers derived from vanillic acid (VA) and syringic acid (SyA) into a polymer system will, in addition to reducing the amount of non-renewable feedstock necessary, alter the physical properties of the resultant polymer so that it can be better tailored to suit a... READ MORE
Each year, billions of birds engage in migratory behavior in response to seasonal changes. During fall migration, many birds consume nutritionally rich fruits with high energy density to satisfy their energy requirements, and rich in antioxidant capacity to alleviate oxidative stress. The goal of... READ MORE
Electronic cigarettes (ECs) have emerged in the marketplace in recent years and are gaining popularity, but with relatively little understanding of their health impact to consumers. To remedy the gap in knowledge about ECs and their emissions, we have developed a technique to measure... READ MORE