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Airborne wind energy systems consist of a lifting body and a tether. Several airborne wind energy systems have been created by others, but the most promising consists of a wing which translates through the air in a crosswind motion. Two computational models of a... READ MORE
Nurse scheduling is a complex problem. The act of assigning each nurse to a specific shift for each day of a scheduling horizon, while ensuring to fulfill the demand of the operating rooms (ORs) is very time consuming. Current methods used in practice often... READ MORE
Infantile Spasms (ISS) characterized by electroencephalogram (EEG) recordings exhibiting hypsarrythmia (HYPS) are a severe form of epilepsy. Many clinicians have been trying to improve ISS outcomes; however, quantification of discharges from hypsarrythmic EEG readings remains challenging. This thesis describes the development of a novel method... READ MORE
The Android operating system currently holds 83% of the smartphone market with more than three million applications available on the leading applications (apps) stores. These apps require a set of permissions on installation and the user has to trust that they behave as expected. This... READ MORE