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Incorporating renewable monomers derived from vanillic acid (VA) and syringic acid (SyA) into a polymer system will, in addition to reducing the amount of non-renewable feedstock necessary, alter the physical properties of the resultant polymer so that it can be better tailored to suit a... READ MORE
Each year, billions of birds engage in migratory behavior in response to seasonal changes. During fall migration, many birds consume nutritionally rich fruits with high energy density to satisfy their energy requirements, and rich in antioxidant capacity to alleviate oxidative stress. The goal of... READ MORE
Electronic cigarettes (ECs) have emerged in the marketplace in recent years and are gaining popularity, but with relatively little understanding of their health impact to consumers. To remedy the gap in knowledge about ECs and their emissions, we have developed a technique to measure... READ MORE
This dissertation explores numerical models of the orbit, inspiral, and merger phases of black hole binaries. We focus on the astrophysically realistic case of black holes with nearly extremal spins, and on high energy black hole collisions. To study the evolution of such systems,... READ MORE
The cell-to-cell propagation of the cardiac action potential allows for the electro-mechanical coupling of cells, which promotes the coordinated contraction of cardiac tissue, often referred to as the heartbeat. The main structures that promote electrical coupling between adjacent cardiac cells are pore-like proteins called... READ MORE
Optical ring resonators have the potential to be integral parts of large scale photonic circuits. My thesis theoretically analyzes parallel coupled double ring resonators (DRRs) in detail. The analysis is performed using the method of equating fields (MEF) which provides an in depth understanding about... READ MORE
The focus of this proposal is to identify unexplored areas of research in the field of packaging science, specifically related to the incorporation of Nanocrystalline Cellulose (NCC) as a functional material in fiber based packaging, as well as to highlight some of potential risks and... READ MORE