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Medical residency is a requirement for medical professionals to practice medicine. Residency programs in internal medicine lasts 3 years and require residents to undergo a series of supervised rotations in elective, inpatient, and ambulatory units. Typically a team of chief residents develops a yearly rotational... READ MORE
Tethered-wing power systems are a viable possibility for collecting energy from stronger, more consistent winds found in the upper regions of the atmosphere where conventional wind turbines are incapable of reaching. To date, all of the tethered-wing systems fly with the tether oriented down-wind... READ MORE
In this thesis, three different ribs designs of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) cushioning material will be compared using a cushion tester and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulations. In purpose of improving the cushioning performance of those designs, Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology will be applied to... READ MORE
Boiling can provide several orders of magnitude higher performance than a traditional air cooled system in electronics cooling application. It can dissipate large quantities of heat while maintaining a low surface temperature to fluid difference. Flow boiling with microchannels has shown a great potential... READ MORE
Face and object recognition find applications in domains such as biometrics, surveillance and human computer interaction. An important component in any recognition pipeline is to learn pertinent image representations that will help the system to discriminate one image class from another. These representations enable... READ MORE