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Ensuring vaccine affordability and accessibility are major challenges for the fulfillment of the immunization goals of the Global Vaccine Action Plan for the decade 2011 – 2020. Four of the five immunization goals in this plan are currently delayed because of limitations in vaccine affordability.... READ MORE
Image classification uses a learning procedure to predict class labels based on quantitative characteristics of an image. Typical approaches involve first extracting features from a set of labeled images and using a subset of those images and their features as a "training set" to... READ MORE
Environmental awareness and ever-growing restrictive regulations over contamination have increased the need for more environmentally-friendly lubricants. Due to their superior biodegradability and lower toxicity, vegetable oils are a good alternative to replace currently-used mineral oils. However, vegetable oils show low oxidation and thermal stability and... READ MORE
Printed electronics processes have the potential to make electronics manufacturing more flexible by providing a wider choice of materials and easier processing steps. In traditional electronics manufacturing techniques, corrosive etching steps limit the choice of materials and also require advanced infrastructure for process implementation.... READ MORE