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Arithmetic Square Root is one of the most complex but nevertheless widely used operations in modern computing. A primary reason for the complexity is the irrational nature of the square root for non-perfect numbers and the iterative behavior required for square root computation. A... READ MORE
Artificial Neural Network (ANN), a computational model based on the biological neural networks, has a recent resurgence in machine intelligence with breakthrough results in pattern recognition, speech recognition, and mapping. This has led to a growing interest in designing dedicated hardware substrates for ANNs... READ MORE
The demand for lossless data at a low cost has lead its way to use fiber optic in field of RADIO FREQUENCY. This research proposes the automation technique which can be used in RF-overfiber measurements. All other automation technique used visual basic or Labview as... READ MORE
Initially used as a prototyping tool for designers, additive manufacturing, also popularly known as 3D printing, has become an advanced process for manufacturing usable parts. This technology is expanding rapidly into a wide number of areas, such as electronic device fabrication, wearable electronics, biometric devices... READ MORE
Academic institutions spend thousands of dollars every month on their electric power consumption. Some of these institutions follow a demand charges pricing structure; here the amount a customer pays to the utility is decided based on the total energy consumed during the month, with... READ MORE
The future growth in System-on-chip design is moving in the direction of multicore systems. Design of efficient interconnects between cores are crucial for improving the performance of a multicore processor. Such trends are seen due to the benefits the multicore systems provide in terms... READ MORE
In recent years, there has been a tremendous increase in health care expenditures in the United States. The most prevalent reimbursement system for health care expenses, Fee-for-service (FFS), has been deemed as one of the main reasons behind the high health care cost. Medicaid... READ MORE
The Liquid State Machine (LSM) is a recurrent spiking neural network designed for efficient processing of spatio-temporal streams of information. LSMs have several inbuilt features such as robustness, fast training and inference speed, generalizability, continual learning (no catastrophic forgetting), and energy efficiency. These features... READ MORE
A blend time investigation for stirred tanks was conducted to study the effect of impeller type (A310 Hydrofoil, Pitched-Blade Turbine, Rushton Turbine), impeller diameter (D/T = 1/5, 1/3, and 1/2), and impeller off-bottom distance (C/T = 1/5, 1/3, and 1/2) while considering tank diameter (T... READ MORE
Data Centers have become the digital backbone of the modern society with the advent of cloud computing, social networking, big data analytics etc. They play a vital role in processing a large amount of information generated. The number of data centers and the servers... READ MORE
Advanced image-based application systems such as image retrieval and visual question answering depend heavily on semantic image region annotation. However, improvements in image region annotation are limited because of our inability to understand how humans, the end users, process these images and image regions.... READ MORE
In this thesis, we present the architecture and implementation of a low-cost, small, mobile and easily deployable ground station to track and receive signals from satellites that operate on the VHF-band (144 MHz to 147 MHz). The ground station uses a handheld 5-dB gain... READ MORE
We are living through the dawn of the era of gravitational wave astronomy. Our first glances through this new window upon the sky has revealed a new population of objects. Since it first began observing in late 2015, the advanced Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory... READ MORE
Design of Experiments (DOE) is a very powerful statistical methodology, especially when used with linear regression analysis. The use of ordinary least squares (OLS) estimation of linear regression parameters requires the errors to have a normal distribution. However, there are numerous situations when the error... READ MORE
The increasing power consumption of the Internet infrastructure has attracted a lot of world-wide attention because of the severe impact on the environment. Many research works have started to search for solutions of how to reduce the energy consumption in data networks. Other works... READ MORE
As Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses increase in prevalence, there is a growing need for assistive devices to help meet the communication needs of each person and their own unique set of challenges. Autism is a neurological disorder which most prominently impacts communication and social... READ MORE
Hierarchical Temporal memory is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm. Inspired by the structural and functional properties of the human brain, it is capable of processing spatio-temporal signals which are used for data storage and predictions. The algorithm is composed of two main components; the... READ MORE
Frequently transported packaging goods are more prone to damage due to impact, jolting or vibration in transit. Fragile goods, for example, glass, ceramics, porcelain are susceptible to mechanical stresses. Hence ancillary materials like cushions play an important role when utilized within package. In this... READ MORE
Wetlands are one of the most valuable ecosystems, providing services such as carbon sequestration and nitrogen removal. Studies suggest that created wetlands may not function the same as natural wetlands and management techniques, such as organic matter addition (OM), have been proposed to promote... READ MORE
Planetary nebulae contain shells of cold gas and dust whose heating and chemistry is likely driven by UV and X-ray emission from their central stars and from wind-collision-generated shocks. We present the results of a survey of molecular line emissions in the 88 - 235... READ MORE