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Changes in vegetation cover, building construction, road network and traffic conditions caused by urban expansion affect the human habitat as well as the natural environment in rapidly developing cities. It is crucial to assess these changes and respond accordingly by identifying man-made and natural... READ MORE
As the field of robotic and humanoid systems expand, more research is being done on how to best control systems to perform complex, smart tasks. Many supervised learning and classification techniques require large datasets, and only result in the system mimicking what it was... READ MORE
Multicopter aircrafts have become popular platforms for researching flight control and aerial image processing applications. These crafts could gain unique utility from the ability to fly to remote locations, land, then walk to perform close quarters inspection of the area. This thesis presents a novel... READ MORE
Called “the guardian of the genome,” p53 is one of the most studied proteins associated with cancer. After activation, p53 induces its target genes with different kinetics, i.e., early induction or delayed induction. However, this difference in kinetics of gene induction has not been examined... READ MORE
There are three major sources of illumination on objects in the near Earth space environment: Sunshine, Moonshine, and Earthshine. For objects in this environment (satellites, orbital debris, etc.) known as Resident Space Objects (RSOs), the sun and the moon have consistently small illuminating solid... READ MORE
Over the last decade, image processing tools have become crucial components of all clinical and research efforts involving medical imaging and associated applications. The imaging data available to the radiologists continue to increase their workload, raising the need for efficient identification and visualization of... READ MORE
Numerical relativity simulations of binary black hole inspiraling and mergers are computationally costly and storage requirements can quickly become unmanageable. By implementing a multi-domain spectral method we are able to more efficiently store metric component data when increased time resolution is desired over increased spatial... READ MORE
Individual tennis points evolve over time and space, as each of the two opposing players are constantly reacting and positioning themselves in response to strikes of the ball. However, these reactions are diminished into simple tally statistics such as the amount of winners or unforced... READ MORE