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Global Engagement

Expanding opportunities for global education, international connections, work experience, and cultural exchanges.

This study identifies underlying factors which influence students to enroll in a hospitality management bachelor's degree program. It is an important study for educational institutions from the standpoint of recruitment and for the purpose of assessing student aspirations. This study focuses exclusively on the question:... READ MORE
The emerging global structure requires interaction between societies and the international flow of knowledge. Exchange of students and study abroad programs are components of this internationalization process. The Erasmus program, the most common study abroad program in Turkey, has a great impact on the... READ MORE
In December of 2004, RIT Professor C.J. Wallington and students in the space tourism development course (winter 2004/ 2005) conducted a space tourism market survey. The target markets for these surveys were comprised of acquaintances (including family) of RIT students who took the space tourism... READ MORE
The purpose of this study is to utilize leading brand and marketing experts to further define and identify the meaning of a brand in its current and future states. In an effort to better understand the future of branding, this study attempts to gain... READ MORE
The purpose of this project is to help improve the internal customer service for the PRECISE. IT help desk. Specifically, this report will determine the root cause, or causes, of increased trouble reports after the installation of a new Wireless application. We will define... READ MORE
This study discusses the impact of individual motivational factors for charitable contributions. This study is important because it will help R.I.T and similar educational/non profit organizations understand the "intrinsic factors" that motivate individuals to donate time, money, or goods. The results of this study will... READ MORE
The purpose of this study was to gather information on factors which influence career-decision making in dietetics students. Self-administered questionnaires were completed by 1695 students in Plan IV/V dietetic programs throughout the country. Of the 156 schools which were mailed questionnaires, responses were received... READ MORE
The Universidad Iberoamericana - UNIBE- has been using strategies to attract and maintain graduates' involvement within the university. Furthermore, UNIBE has invested financial and marketing efforts to continue being part of their lives. After attracting alumni, the association's intention is to maintain their interest and... READ MORE
An historical site, Linwood Gardens, of great significance in the history of the American tree peony is located in Pavilion, NY, southwest of Rochester. Linwood Gardens belongs to the Gratwick family. William Gratwick worked for the first significant breeder of peonies and... READ MORE