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Forging comprehensive links among the ethical, social, cultural, and communicative demands of the contemporary world. Researching strategic social, economic, and cultural questions that enable society to anticipate and respond to change and unexpected challenges.

This study investigated the relationship between restricted, repetitive behavior (RRB) and anxiety in a sample of adults with intellectual disability (ID). Six regression analyses were conducted. Predictor variables were age, severity of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) symptoms, level of adaptive functioning, and anxiety; RRB (in... READ MORE
Smartphones have become ubiquitous in modern society, increasing the likelihood of being caught on camera. On July 17th, 2014, a cell phone video of Staten Island police officers wrongfully killing Eric Garner reignited a national controversy on the nature of police violence, and set off... READ MORE
Instagram influencer marketing is one of the fastest growing trends in advertising. Part of what makes influencers so powerful is their ability to foster parasocial relationships with their followers. But does this relationship change when an influencer becomes affiliated with brands? This study assessed how... READ MORE
Experiencing child maltreatment is a risk factor for later psychopathology, however, not all survivors of child maltreatment go on to develop mental illness. Therefore, there are likely important moderators that interact with child maltreatment to contribute to the development of psychopathology. The present study examined... READ MORE