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Forging comprehensive links among the ethical, social, cultural, and communicative demands of the contemporary world. Researching strategic social, economic, and cultural questions that enable society to anticipate and respond to change and unexpected challenges.

The purpose of this research is to encourage policy makers to craft policies that support environmentally sound design practices while integrating bulk energy storage into the electricity grid. Bulk energy storage technology can regulate electricity coming into the grid from different energy sources. ... READ MORE
Does public hearing testimony provide the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with the information the agency requests in its proposed rulemaking? In one EPA proposed rulemaking, the agency requests public comment on approximately 140 topics specific to the proposed rulemaking. This analysis examines the testimony... READ MORE
Rhythmic properties in penguin vocalizations may be unique to individuals. Rhythm perception is a cognitive ability previously thought to be exclusive to vocal-learning species who have the neurological complexities required to mimic conspecific and heterospecific vocalizations. Discovering rhythm perception in penguins would provide insight... READ MORE
The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) run under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service is the largest program aimed at addressing food access and hunger in the country. Since the conversion of benefit provision from physical "stamps" to Electronic... READ MORE
Wolves (Canis Lupis) were domesticated into the common dog (Canis Familiaris) at least 15 thousand years ago. The domestication process changed wolves both physically and neurologically. Dogs now have a unique connection with humans, and display many of the same personality traits and cognitive deficits... READ MORE
A content analysis was conducted to identify potential differences in the characteristics of sources appearing in stories shown on the three national evening news broadcasts of ABC World News, CBS Evening News, and NBC Nightly News during the first four months of the 2008 Financial... READ MORE
When examining an image, a viewer often focuses on what they see and less often on what they are able to see. Nowhere is this as true, and as problematic, as it is with the visual representation of persons of African descent. This study describes... READ MORE
This study focused on how conflict management between employees affects employee empowerment. Conflict naturally occurs between individuals, and its management in organizations can result in positive or negative consequences. Employee empowerment influences greater job satisfaction and commitment to organizations. Based on the theory of message... READ MORE
Since the advent of the digital marketplace, marketing techniques to reach consumers have shifted. Traditional media and demographic analysis are no longer the only means for brands reaching consumers. Marketing has now taken an omnichannel approach. This study examined the relationship between the omnichannel consumer,... READ MORE
Jurors are subject to many biases that hinder their ability to make objective decisions and nullification may occur when the jury believes the law is unfair or immoral. In a case involving euthanasia, a defendant may not be viewed as having committed a crime... READ MORE
The main goal of this empirical research was to define those crucial leadership characteristics and behaviours of experienced individuals that confirmed them as leaders in the Croatian transition economy, based on success of their entrepreneurial or social affirmations. The basic research question was: What is... READ MORE