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Assessing the fidelity of the Fuel for Fun cooking and tasting classroom lessons in year 1 of program intervention using 3 process evaluation measures READ MORE
Assessing the validity of weighing both individual fruit and vegetable (FV) pieces and salad bar pans of specific FV for estimating amounts taken from self-service salad bars. READ MORE
Fuel for Fun: Cooking with Kids Plus Parents and Play is an integrated research, extension, education project targeting 4th-grade students. Its long-term goal of reducing the risk of childhood obesity will be addressed by promoting healthful food and activity environments, policies and behaviors through: 1)... READ MORE
Examines impact of Fuel for Fun (FFF), a school-based experiential cooking intervention on self-efficacy (SE) and attitude (AT) toward cooking and on fruit and vegetable preference. READ MORE
Examines outcomes and feasibility of measuring change in recess activity using System for Observing Play and Leisure Activity in Youth (SOPLAY) in impact assessment of Fuel for Fun, a school-based nutrition education program. READ MORE
Low-income Pennsylvanian parents of 10-14 year olds reveal stressors that challenge obesity prevention efforts. J Nutri Educ Behav. 2015;47(4S):S68. Objective: To describe the psychographics of a lower income, parent/caregiver population recruited to evaluate My Child’s Weight, a program that addresses parent/caregiver concerns about their... READ MORE
Nutrition education research typically focuses on the program’s acceptance and usefulness with the target audience, but sustainable programs must be valued by the nutrition educator for its positive impact on their work. Everyone Needs Folic Acid is a colorful, simple nutrition education program delivered... READ MORE
Examines if nutrition risk or quality of life (QoL) in preschool children is associated with parent eating competence (EC). READ MORE
Many people in the developing world struggle with significant poverty. People who feel trapped in a cycle of poverty often describe feeling inferior and powerless. Those who are relatively wealthy and in leadership roles may suffer from a different pathology that some have described as... READ MORE