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Sustainability & Environment

Seeking to become a world leader in sustainability education, research, and practice.

The United States is at a developmental turning point in how it grows, responds to the housing needs of its existing citizens, and utilizes its existing infrastructure. Since 1945, population has doubled, however land use has increased by nearly 400%. This indicates that we... READ MORE
Climate change and other sustainability challenges have led to the development of new technologies that increase energy efficiency and reduce the utilization of finite resources. To promote the adoption of technologies with social benefits, governments often enact policies that provide financial incentives at the point... READ MORE
The aim of this thesis is to understand and design an architecture that includes as part of its program, the function of communication of a certain encoded idea(s) through the public's everyday interaction with it. This thesis is divided into two parts - exploration... READ MORE
The aim for the thesis project is to design a concert venue for the City of Saint Albans, Vermont. The venue will serve as an entertainment hotspot, an educational tool, a set of rehearsal spaces, and performance halls with recording capabilities. The goal is to... READ MORE