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Sustainability & Environment

Seeking to become a world leader in sustainability education, research, and practice.

This thesis examines the concept of incorporating daylight into a school using a heliodon device and Illuminance Rendering in Cloud for Revit software to create a physical and computer model of how the building will function in its given location as a tool to... READ MORE
The built environment can respond to human needs and influence behaviors. An approach to design that grows from essential human conditions arguably is a preferable means of structuring the built world in a responsible and sustainable manner. Although new and innovative building technologies can... READ MORE
As issues pertaining to environmental, economic and cultural sustainability continue to persist throughout the world, the manner in which abandoned sites and properties are treated can be a means of revitalizing important resources, while simultaneously preserving cultural identities. For this reason, this research intend... READ MORE
Human settlement along coastal areas has grown dramatically over the last two decades. Unfortunately, coastal areas are prone to natural disasters caused by climate change and tectonic shifts underwater in the adjacent water bodies, resulting in loss of life and property. Tsunami is a... READ MORE
Fossil fuel is still the number one energy resource in China, and among the fossil fuel, coal is the primary resource to generate electricity and heat during heating days. Fossil fuel will result in global warming, sea level rising, but we may not perceive... READ MORE