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It is the purpose of this document to describe the design and development processes of Scare Tactics. The game will be discussed in further detail as it relates to several areas, such as market analysis, development process, game design, technical design, and each team... READ MORE
Android malware growth has been increasing dramatically along with increasing of the diversity and complicity of their developing techniques. Machine learning techniques are the current methods to model patterns of static features and dynamic behaviors of Android malware. Whereas the accuracy rates of the... READ MORE
Sampling of combinatorial structures is an important statistical tool used in applications in a number of areas ranging from statistical physics, data mining, to biological sciences. Of comparable importance is the computation of the cor- responding partition function, which, in the case of the uniform... READ MORE
Although the iPad device has become a new trend as a teaching and learning tool in schools, using it in Saudi schools is still relatively new. So, the purpose of the study was to investigate whether the iPad enhances the teaching and learning styles... READ MORE
We studied the problem of searching answers for questions on a Question-and-Answer Website from knowledge bases. A number of research efforts had been developed using Stack Overflow data, which is available for the public. Surprisingly, only a few papers tried to improve the search for... READ MORE
The architecture design of a software system plays a crucial role in addressing security requirements early in the development lifecycle through forming design solutions that prevent or mitigate attacks in a system. Consequently, flaws in the software architecture can impact various security concerns in... READ MORE