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The demand for video applications over wireless networks has tremendously increased, and IEEE 802.11 standards have provided higher support for video transmission. However, providing Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) for video over WLAN is still a challenge due to the... READ MORE
It is difficult to fully know the effects a piece of software will have on your computer, particularly when the software is distributed by an unknown source. The research in this paper focuses on malware detection, virtualization, and sandbox/honeypot techniques with the goal... READ MORE
It is the purpose of this document to describe the design and development processes of Scare Tactics. The game will be discussed in further detail as it relates to several areas, such as market analysis, development process, game design, technical design, and each team... READ MORE
Android malware growth has been increasing dramatically along with increasing of the diversity and complicity of their developing techniques. Machine learning techniques are the current methods to model patterns of static features and dynamic behaviors of Android malware. Whereas the accuracy rates of the... READ MORE