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The process of developing a coordinated system that encloses and protects products during their lifecycle of production, storage, transportation and sale is called packaging. During this lifecycle, packages are always under the risk of being damaged or spoiled due to unexpected changes in environmental factors... READ MORE
This article explores the complexities and affordances of historical representation that arose in the process of designing a mobile augmented reality video game for teaching history. The process suggests opportunities to push the historical documentary form in new ways. Specifically, the article addresses the... READ MORE
The growth and changes in the 21st century in the sectors of economics, politics, and technology mean that governments must provide all the services that can serve the demands of their citizens. One way for governments to facilitate this is by implementing e-government. E-government... READ MORE
Ever since its introduction in 1970 by the roboticist Dr. Mori, the uncanny valley has become an integral part of facial animation. While most of the work on the uncanny valley is focused on finding a way to surpass the uncanny valley and how certain... READ MORE
Swarm robotics is a field dedicated to the study of the design and development of certain multi-robot systems. Often times, these groups prove to be more beneficial than a single complex robot as swarms typically provide a more robust and potentially more efficient solution.... READ MORE
Massive point cloud data sets are currently being created and studied in academia, the private sector, and the military. Many previous attempts at rendering point clouds have allowed the user to visualize the data in a three-dimensional way but did not allow them to... READ MORE
Nowadays, software systems are essential for businesses, users and society. At the same time such systems are growing both in complexity and size. In this context, developing high-quality software is a challenging and expensive activity for the software industry. Since software organizations are always... READ MORE
Media, the Latin plural of medium, is a provider of information. Humans are a means of storing or delivering information that began with origin of the humanity,. Current media is variety of platforms such as electronic, mass, multi digital, news, broadcast and social media. This... READ MORE