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Discovering new, innovative methods and research opportunities in solving complex present-day and future computing challenges.

Since the inception of the World Wide Web, the amount of data present on websites and internet infrastructure has grown exponentially that researchers continuously develop new and more efficient ways of sorting and presenting information to end-users. Particular websites, such as e-commerce websites, filter... READ MORE
In software development, maintaining good design is essential. The process of refactoring enables developers to improve this design during development without altering the program’s existing behavior. However, this process can be time-consuming, introduce semantic errors, and be difficult for developers inexperienced with refactoring or unfamiliar... READ MORE
Modeling municipal or urban decisions is challenging due to the abundance of variables that guide end results. One such challenging issue is the existence of vacant lots in a city, which causes poorer standard of living for the community. As a result, reclaiming these properties... READ MORE
Graph separators are a powerful tool that are motivated by divide and conquer algorithms on graphs. Results have shown the existence of separators in arbitrary planar graphs and other graphs with less restricted structure. This work explores planar separators and the planar separator theorem, as... READ MORE
The lack of security in the vehicles on the road is real and should be taken seriously. Since the lifespan of vehicles has average of eleven years, this means if we start to implement new changes to vehicles today, it would takes eleven years... READ MORE
During the last decade mobile phones and tablets evolved into smart devices with enormous computing power and storage capacity packed in a pocket size. People around the globe have quickly moved from laptops to smartphones for their daily computational needs. From web browsing, social... READ MORE