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Information Technology (IT) professionals in higher education regularly collaborate in communities of practice. The community knowledge sharing wiki is a collaboration tool IT professionals utilize as a centralized platform to improve knowledge and share best practices. The goals of the wiki are to... READ MORE
In this age of Internet, Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques are the key sources for providing information required by users. However, with the extensive usage of available data, a secondary level of wrappers that interact with NLP tools have become necessary. These tools must extract... READ MORE
Loop free frame forwarding in layer 2 switched networks that use meshed topologies to provision for link and path redundancy is a continuing challenge. The challenge is addressed ... READ MORE
The Leap Motion Controller is a small USB device that tracks hand and finger movements using infrared LEDs, allowing users to input gesture commands into an application in place of a mouse or keyboard. This creates the potential for developing a general gesture recognition system... READ MORE
The worldwide dial plan proposed by the International Telecommunication Union recommendation E.164 reserves multiple country codes for future use. These unused codes present an opportunity for a potential covert channel over the public switched telephone network utilizing a spoofed source phone number of a call... READ MORE
Students with a technology focus often express and demonstrate that they find it difficult to communicate their ideas and designs. Students in the Rochester Institute of Technology’s School of Interactive Games and Media are further challenged in that in order to be successful... READ MORE
Hackathons bring developers, artists and designers together around a shared challenge: ideate, plan and create an application in a highly constrained time frame. A way to socialize, solve problems, and strengthen soft and hard skills, hackathons have grown tremendously in popularity in the last... READ MORE
The rapid market shift to multi-functional mobile devices has created an opportunity to support activity recog- nition using the on-board sensors of these devices. Over the last decade, many activity recognition approaches have been proposed for various activities in different settings. Wearable sensors and... READ MORE
Opportunistic networks are characterized by the dynamic connectivity created when mobile devices encounter each other, as they are within close proximity. During these transient opportunities, devices are typically within one-hop wireless range of their neighbors. Opportunistic networks are an effective way, in terms of bandwidth... READ MORE