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Sentiment Analysis is growing exponentially due to the importance of the automation in mining, extracting and processing information in order to determine the general opinion of a person. The problem that this thesis proposes to address is to determine what methods are more suitable to... READ MORE
As the world continues to embrace a completely digital society in all aspects of life, the ever present threat of a security flaw in a software system looms. Especially with a stream of high profile security flaws and breaches, the public is more aware... READ MORE
In the Android ecosystem today, code is often reused by developers in the form of software libraries. This practice not only saves time, but also reduces the complexity of software development. However, like all other software, software libraries are prone to bugs, design flaws,... READ MORE
The framework of cognitive wireless networks is expected to endow wireless devices with a cognition-intelligence ability with which they can efficiently learn and respond to the dynamic wireless environment. In this dissertation, we focus on the problem of developing cognitive network control mechanisms without... READ MORE
Sense3, at its core, is a game in which the player has to collectively use the three senses of sight, touch and hearing to primarily dodge obstacles and collect audio samples, which are vertically remixed to form music. We chose EDM themed music, coupled with... READ MORE
Software transactional memory (STM) has proven to be a useful abstraction for developing concurrent applications where programmers denote transactions with an atomic construct that delimits a collection of reads and writes to shared mutable references. The runtime system then guarantees that all transactions are... READ MORE