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Loop avoidance is a critical component of switched networks. Protocols like STP, RSTP, TRILL, etc solve this problem in different ways, but there is room for improvement. The Meshed Tree Protocol aims to improve the performance of switched networks while avoiding loops. In this research,... READ MORE
The purpose of this project is to add autonomous navigation and mapping to a micro aerial vehicle (MAV) with the aid of additional sonar sensors that are mounted to the MAV's chassis. In this paper, an Extended Kalman Filter Simultaneous Localization and Mapping (EKF-SLAM) system... READ MORE
The continuous growth of video technology has resulted in increased research into the semantic analysis of video. The multimodal property of the video has made this task very complex. The objective of this thesis was to research, implement and examine the underlying methods and... READ MORE
This thesis work introduces a service oriented architecture based Grid abstraction framework that allows users to access Grid infrastructure through JavaScript. Such a framework integrates well with other Web 2.0 technologies since it provides JavaScript toolkit to build web applications. The framework consists of... READ MORE
We present a new technique to locate mathematical expressions in document images using images of handwritten queries, without the use of optical character recognition. In our approach, two types of X-Y cutting are used to construct document region indexes that hold potential matches .... READ MORE
Passwords, particularly text-based, are the most common authentication mechanisms across all platforms and services like computers, mobiles, web and network services. Existing password strength evaluators and online service providers (Gmail, Yahoo, Paypal, Twitter, etc) password strength estimators determine the effectiveness of passwords chosen by user... READ MORE
The process of developing a coordinated system that encloses and protects products during their lifecycle of production, storage, transportation and sale is called packaging. During this lifecycle, packages are always under the risk of being damaged or spoiled due to unexpected changes in environmental factors... READ MORE