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The star-critical Ramsey number r∗(H1, H2) is the smallest integer k such that every red/blue coloring of the edges of Kn − K1,n−k−1 contains either a red copy of H1 or a blue copy of H2, where n is the graph Ramsey number R(H1, H2).... READ MORE
Current Key Perspectives in Video Gaming and Religion: Theses by Owen Gottlieb. Based on AAR 2015 panel with Ian Bogost, Gregory Grieve, Rachel Wagner, Michael Waltemathe, Jason Anthony, Xenia Zeiler, Kerstin Radde Antweiler. Heidi Campbell (presiding) Michael Houseman (respondent) Gamevironments, (Issue 3, 2015) Universität... READ MORE
What is the essence of a graduate-level system administration education? What skills and abilities of the candidate should educators focus on when developing a new program? This paper investigates the learning outcomes from three MSc graduate programs in network and system administration. We use a... READ MORE
We present a novel pipeline for localizing a free roaming eye tracker within a LiDAR-based 3D reconstructed scene with high levels of accuracy. By utilizing a combination of reconstruction algorithms that leverage the strengths of global versus local capture methods and user-assisted refinement, we reduce... READ MORE
Machine-learning algorithms have the potential to support trace retrieval methods making significant reductions in costs and human-involvement required for the creation and maintenance of traceability links between system requirements, system architecture, and the source code. These algorithms can be trained how to detect the... READ MORE