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2013-2014 Academic Year

Emerging Opportunities for Commercial Digital Printing Processes in the Fine Arts
Frank Cost, James E. McGhee Distinguished Professor, RIT School of Photographic Arts & Sciences

May, 7 2014

During the past decade, desktop color inkjet printing has been fully embraced as a fine art medium for photographic work, taking its place alongside well-established processes such as silver gelatin and dye transfer.

In his presentation, Frank Cost explored the potential for high-speed commercial processes, such as dry and liquid toner electrophotography and industrial inkjet printing, in the fine arts. These processes enable artists to exhibit and distribute their work with far greater ease, and at significantly lower cost, than before.

Frank's presentation also addressed the potential for some processes to deliver uniform color and image quality across a range of related work -- from exhibition prints to books to promotional materials.

The presentation included case studies involving Xerox, Xeikon, and HP color print systems.

About our speaker: Frank Cost is the James E. McGhee Professor of Visual Media in the School of Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology. He has taught a wide variety of courses in the field of visual media for more than three decades.

Frank has been photographing professionally since 1975 and has authored both textbooks and experimental photo books exploring new forms of graphic expression enabled by digital technologies.