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Paul and Louise Miller Distinguished Professorship

Elena Fedorovskaya

Elena Fedorovskaya, Ph.D. is the Paul and Louise Miller Distinguished Professor in the School of Media Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology.  

Dr. Fedorovskaya's interests are in the area of integrated cross-media publishing and distribution aspects of media communication sciences and, in particular, the organization of personal preference data and management and distribution of all types of content in various forms of media.

Dr. Fedorovskaya  is an inventive Research Scientist in Imaging, Human Vision, Human Centered Computing and User Experience with over 15 years of experience leading and executing R&D projects in a technology and consumer product industry. She has a unique background in cognitive science/psychology, mathematics and imaging science, with broad multidisciplinary knowledge and practical research experience.

Elena is known for formulating novel human-centered technology and system concepts, resulting in more than 25 U.S. patents in areas related to digital imaging, display systems and health care markets. She possesses hands-on knowledge of a vast toolbox of research methods for human-centered research: lab experiments, usability studies, clinical trials, field studies, interviewing, surveys, eye tracking and physiological recording.

She earned a M.S. in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D. in Psychophysiology from Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU).

About The Paul & Louise Miller Distinguished Professorship

The Paul & Louise Miller Distinguished Professorship was established in 1976 by the Trustees of the Gannett Foundation in honor of Paul and Louise Miller. 

Paul Miller rose to a position of international influence in both the Gannett Corporation and The Associated Press. Known for his newspaper knowledge and communication skills, he became President of the Gannett Corporation in 1957 and was later elected president of The Associated Press in 1963.  Throughout his career he maintained that, “Our actions must be determined not by mere compliance with state or federal law, not by public attitudes, but on the basis of doing the right thing.”  To add to his many accomplishments Mr. Miller was appointed to the Board of Trustees of Rochester Institute of Technology in 1950.

The purpose of this endowed chair is to serve to permanently supply the newspaper industry with highly qualified young men and women for management positions. It is also intended to give greater recognition to the newspaper industry as a significant segment of the graphic arts industry.

The following list is reflective of the RIT faculty who have held this prestigious position prior to Dr. Fedorovskaya:

Dr. Twyla J. Cummings (2006-2013)

Michael Kleper (2000-2006)

Owen Smith (1995-2000)

John Jakopin (1992-1995)

Fred Craig (1988-1992)

Dr. Robert Hacker (1978-1988)