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Student Research

Test ImageThe following sources have provided funding for School of Media Sciences graduate students interested in pursuing research studies in news media:

Research theses completed in the area of news media include:

  • Implementing Lean Manufacturing into newspaper production operations
    By Marianne Engum, 2009

    The evolution of technology and new media has, over a long period of time, had an influence on the newspaper industry. This development has particularly affected the printed newspaper with a decline in circulation; forcing newspaper printers to be more efficient and to look for methods of increasing profit and reducing costs. Lean Manufacturing strategy, which includes waste elimination, can help the newspaper printers to achieve these goals. Lean Manufacturing has gotten an increased focus in the printing industry. However, the number of newspapers implementing Lean is still minimal. This research has sought to determine the level of knowledge of Lean Manufacturing within the newspaper printing industry, as well as to identify its benefits.
  • A study of production workflows, technology and hybrid printing models in small newspaper companies
    By Alvarez Casanova and Claudia Cristina, 2008

    During the past five to ten years, the evolution of different media, and especially Internet-related services, has had a direct impact on the printed newspaper. Companies that have remained stable for several years are today exploring and employing new mechanisms to increase efficiency while maintaining their audiences. Although web offset has been for long the basic production process for printing newspapers, the latest developments implemented in equipment and software for newspaper production have achieved a high degree of automation in prepress, press, and post-press. At the same time, the demand of younger audiences for increasingly diverse and personalized products—as well as the emergence of new services, such as the production of commercial printing jobs—has transformed the newspaper production model (Christensen, 2006). Small newspapers, as well as medium and large, are challenged to compete in this new environment. They have to plan for the future in accordance with their opportunities and limitations. The main purpose of this research was to define a descriptive profile and to represent a graphical workflow model for small newspaper production.