Shannon McCook
48-Hour Chick Embryo: Brightfield, 2006

Photomicrograph; magnification approximately x12 at capture; direct digital capture using a SPOT II camera

Biomedical Photographic Communications, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York, United States

This photograph is a chicken embryo injected with India ink at the 48th hour of development. The whole organism was mounted on a slide for examination, which would be described as a whole mount. This photograph is comprised of over 250 individual images used to create a map of the specimen. Because of thickness and the requirement for image depth of field, approximately 2–3 images were exposed at varying image depths across each 1-micrometer distance of the embryo to provide for maximum depth of field and resolution in the final photograph. These images were then digitally merged using Adobe PhotoShop® to create the final composite picture.

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