Michael Schenk and Robert Gray
White Rat Fetus, Rattus norvegicus albinus, 2003

Natural Science Photograph; Canon-Kodak CDS150 with Canon 180 3.5mm Macro lens & 2X Extender

University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, Mississippi, United States

TThe close-up photograph of a white rat fetus includes the uterine wall which is still attached while the chorion membrane has been removed. The vascular transparent amniotic membrane surrounding both the fetus and umbilical cord is exposed. A gestation period of 2123 days is normal for this species. The fetus shown in this photograph is approximately 20 days post-conception. This photograph was produced for use in high school, college biology, and zoology reference materials. The photograph complements other illustrations that depict the gross anatomical view of the reproductive system of a pregnant female rat.

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