Gary S. Settles
Instantaneous Schlieren Image of Rifle Discharge, 2004

High-Speed Schlieren Photograph; initial capture Pentax 67 medium-format camera; 120mm color negative roll film; 4-microsecond flash illumination. Image was obtained using the Penn State full-scale schlieren optical system laboratory.

Pennsylvania State University, Gas Dynamics Laboratory, University Park, Pennsylvania, United States

This schlieren photograph captured the instantaneous act of firing a .30-06 high-powered rifle. The supersonic bullet and spherical muzzle blast are visualized as a direct consequence of the schlieren system. The Penn State lab has a unique schlieren optical system that uses a 2 µ 3-meter mirror, which was required to take the photograph. This facility is part of Penn State’s Gas Dynamics Laboratory. The shooter is Lori J. Dodson.

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