David Walker
Water Beetle in Transmitted Near Infrared, 2005

Photomicrograph; Zeiss microscope with a Zeiss 1x Plan Achromatic objective; video still frame image captured with 'Snappy' video capture box; digital image captured directly from security video camera.

Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

When using transmitted visible light for examination, the exoskeleton of some prepared insect microscopy slides can be nearly opaque, however when examining the same field using near infrared wavelengths, data is more readily observed to reveal details otherwise invisible to the human eye. This image was made using hobby-grade imaging equipment including a student microscope, a homemade near infrared LED lamp, and a domestic black and white security camera for image capture. This accounts for the small image size. The slide was prepared at a slide-mounting course with materials and techniques supplied by Northern Biological Supplies.

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