Liberal Arts at RIT

We get this question a lot: “Why study the liberal arts at RIT?”  Our answer: “You receive all the advantages of a liberal arts education, with the added benefits of being taught on a campus that is world-renowned for technical innovation, exposing you to cutting-edge technology and preparing you for the challenges of today’s highly technical world.”

As a student in the College of Liberal Arts, you get to experience the benefits of attending a small, private liberal arts college in addition to everything that RIT has to offer.  The College offers small class sizes, personal attention from faculty and staff, and a tight-knit “family” atmosphere, while RIT offers access to state of the art technologies, opportunities for research and interdisciplinary study. 

RIT has a well-respected reputation for being on the cutting-edge of technology and preparing its students for today’s dynamic job market; the degree programs in the College of Liberal Arts are no exception.  As a student in the College of Liberal Arts, your curriculum includes course work that prepares you for the technological challenges and opportunities ahead.  You’ll have the opportunity to choose a number of technology courses that relate to your major and career aspirations.  Our established experiential learning programs, which include co-ops, internships, research, and study abroad,  give you relevant experience to put on your resume before you even graduate.  Many students receive networking opportunities, professional recommendations, and even job offers through their experiences.

The College of Liberal Arts at RIT offers a unique, technology-infused approach to the traditional Liberal Arts education.  We emphasize global education, student-centered research, and social justice. These themes prepare our students for the challenges they will face as citizens living in an evolving global society. We strive to produce well-rounded, intellectual students with the motivation to make an important impact on the world.