Awards & Grants

COLA Alumni & Friends Endowed Scholarship

The Alumni & Friends Endowed Scholarship supports students who have demonstrated outstanding leadership abilities in the College or RIT, are enrolled full time in a Liberal Arts undergraduate degree program, and are in good academic standing.  Eligible students must have a GPA of at least 3.0 in their degree program.  The scholarship rewards students who have exercised leadership in improving the life of the RIT community.

The deadline for applications is the first Friday in April.

The Alumni & Friends Endowed Scholarship is administered by a committee appointed by the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts.  Applications must include the following:

  • A letter of support from the Chair of the student's program attesting to his or her good academic standing.
  • Either a letter from a faculty member who can speak to the student's performance in a particular course or a letter from a member of the RIT community who has observed the student's work in a leadership capacity.
  • A short essay of 250-500 words.  In this essay the student should describe a specific event or activity in which she or he took a leadership role, explain that role, and discuss the benefit to the College or RIT community.

Examples of leadership include but are not limited to:  serving as an officer in an active club or student organization, organizing an important event, or making a significant contribution to the College or RIT community independently of any particular club or organization.

Completed student applications and letters of support (chair and faculty or RIT community member) should be submitted directly to:

John Smithgall
Assistant Dean, Director of Student Services
RIT College of Liberal Arts