International Education

Meeting the Mayor of Genoa

Last week I was fortunate enough to meet il sindaco, Marco Doria, the mayor of Genoa, Italy. He was excited to meet the students who had come all the way from America to study and work in his city. Our entire group visited his office in the Comune di Genoa where we were treated to a nice panoramic view of the city.

Needless to say, I've heard a lot about the city of Genoa over the past few weeks. It has a rich history, as a port city, of having been the point of connection for trade, commerce, and travel for centuries. It's the birthplace of Columbus, the current capital of the Liguria region, and one of the largest Mediterranean cities in Europe. Yet many people find it interesting that I came here, of all places. When you say "study abroad in Italy" most people imagine Rome or Florence.

But having been here for 2 weeks, I can definitely say that this city in particular has some cool things to offer.

The Advantages of Living in Genoa, Italy:

  • You can walk everywhere.
  • There are a ton of great beaches.
  • It's less than 2 hours from France.
  • It's reasonably close to almost every major city in Northern Italy.
  • The public transportation is pretty reliable.
  • There's no shortage of great food.
  • There are several museums, the aquarium, castles, and a lighthouse to visit in your spare time.
  • The people of fairly patient with non-Italian speakers.

The mayor also made an interesting point: As American students we are continuing the tradition of connecting through Genoa, but in an entirely new way. As a group of designers, engineers, developers, filmmakers, social scientists and more, we're forging entirely new experiences while at the same time continuing the age-old legacy of the city.

And enjoying some pretty nice views in the meantime.